• Incentive trips

    381 Kilometers (237miles) from east to west and 1,185 kilometers (736 miles), from north to south for a total area of 301,230 kilometers (116,305 square miles). This is ITALY.  A very large territory consisting of 20 regions,  very different geographically. The north of Italy is rich in mountains, lakes and the sea, with many cities famous for  art and culture and the South remained the most wild with crystal blue seas, small caves and volcanoes, but no less  rich in art and culture.

    The big difference in the land, together with local traditions makes Italy a very good place for interesting and amazing  incentive travel. For all these reasons proposed activities are very different ranging from cooking classes, 4×4, racing, canyoning, water games, touring in a Fiat 500, wine tasting, VESPA tours, APE tours , treasure hunts, dragon boats, and special team building created ad HOC  for each region.