• People

    We can work, live and utilise resources, yet doing so ethically and responsibly can make the difference for  both people and domestic animals of Malta, with mutual benefits for both our clients as also for the local community.  Having a good moral compass is not impossible in today’s demanding global economy. Is it too difficult to imagine your involvement, based on social responsibility, by contributing some time and energy for social work?  Financing the expansion or the upgrading of an orphanage of abandoned children can connect the participants of your group to a larger social reality.  Redecorating their dormitories, changing their bunk-beds and furniture can also be complimented by providing support to the needs of such orphanages in the form of food, bedding, clothes, stationary and toys.

    In Malta, every year 15 thousand litres of blood are donated every year, needed during surgery, transfusion and illnesses for which blood is required.  Be part of “The Drop Journey” and roll up your sleeve for this socially responsible event that can save a life, whilst you are away from home!

    We can also give a treat to the hundreds of abandoned cats and dogs sheltered in voluntary animal sanctuaries, not supported by any formal grant or subsidy, scattered across the whole archipelago.  The group’s participants will derive satisfaction, at the end of the day, knowing that they have contributed to cleaner and brighter shelters and also from having spent some time ‘playing’ with these adorable animals which have been abandoned, perhaps abused but certainly unwanted.

    You can share the difference.