• Our Principles – CSR

    Right from the beginning, we at Petite Events want to give a different purpose and direction to our clients and make us unique as a company. We recognize that through our line of business, our activities and events may have an impact on people’s lives, which most often is positive, or so we like to think! We are also aware that the hospitality industry is one area of business that has exploited and continues to exploit  natural resources. In the case of Italy, such resource base belongs to Italian society as well as to future generations.

    With a view to minimize pressures and mitigate against arising impacts on local resources, of which Italian society is a key stakeholder, and to build a sense of conscientiousness, we have chosen to conduct our everyday business responsibly, through a holistic approach, integrating three principles into our clients’ programs, namely People, Planet and Performance. This approach, we feel, lends itself admirably towards instilling a sense of responsibility towards people, the environment, upon which we depend, and the generations to come, given our considerable dependence on our country and its limited resources.